Extended care will be available in the fall!

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The staff at Little Hands Christian Preschool would like to warmly welcome you and your family to our preschool! We are an open door preschool and welcome your visits and calls at any time. Thank you for choosing Little Hands Christian Preschool for your child’s first school experience!


Our Mission

“Little Hands Christian Preschool, Inc. will be a center for early learning excellence for the preschool children of the community. We will strive to provide a faith-based curriculum, a positive ‘first school’ experience, and opportunity for individual growth, guidance in socialization, and a support group for parents of preschoolers.”

Our Philosophy

We believe families are a very important part of children’s lives and should be actively involved in their children’s education as partners with their child’s teachers. We encourage open communications between teachers and parents. Positive early learning experiences are important in your child’s growth and development. We can help by playing an importer role during these formative years. We believe that guidance by skilled, trained teachers allows all aspects of your child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development to flourish. Our developmentally appropriate classroom will encourage imagination and natural inquisitiveness for learning. Activities are planned with the understanding that children learn through experience. There are opportunities for sensory exploration, language development, social friendships, and learning by doing. We will use books, songs, and toys to teach each child that God has made each of them special. We encourage the development of friendships, sharing, positive attitudes and self-esteem for each child.


Little Hands Christian Preschool does not discriminate because of creed, color/race, political persuasion, sex, national origin, sexual preference, or due to handicapping conditions.



A daily schedule is planned to offer a balance of learning activities. Learning is both formal and informal. Play is planned for everyday. Your child will have the opportunity for the following types of activities everyday: Large and small group activities, self-directed play, snack time, circle time with calendar, weather, music and stories. Learning centers activities of art, science, writing, games, books, blocks, puzzles, and pretend play. Weekly lesson plans are done giving the children the opportunities and experiences to gain knowledge and understanding to develop life skills. Cultural diversity is included in lessons to help teach children that God made us all special. God's word and scriptural readings are applied on a daily basis. This is done through Bible stories, songs, prayers and modeling of Christian Values on behalf of the staff.


Our curriculum is carefully planned by our teaching staff each year. We practice the “high scope” curriculum, which believes in enabling children to make choices. This is one of the reasons that we use centers in our classroom. The activities planned promote small and large muscle development, language, and social skills, cognitive thinking, and math, reading, and science skills. We apply God’s scriptural readings each day through Bible stories, songs and prayers. Lesson plans can be found posted each week in our classroom. We are a faith based preschool and will teach holidays from a faith-based curriculum standpoint.


We have a fenced play area that the children will have a scheduled time to play in each day. If the weather is too cold, hot, or raining we will stay inside the classroom and do a large motor activity together. We feel it is important for each child to have time to run, play and explore in a safe outside area each day.


We believe that the environment your child learns and plays in must be clean and safe. Our teachers are responsible for ensuring this. Your child will be exposed to many new learning experiences. Some of these will be guided through carefully planned lessons, but we also understand that children learn through play and socializing with their peers. Your child will have a chance at both experiences. During transition times in the classroom, we will often sing or dance so your child will not be standing and waiting for others in a line. There are centers in the classroom which are individual areas that promote different types of behavior and development. Some centers are: dramatic play, books, blocks, art, sensory, fine motor and gross motor. There will not be wading pools used at Little Hands Christian Preschool.


We will work with all families to help meet the needs of your child. The preschool director will meet with parents to set up a written plan to follow based on child’s needs. This plan will be shared with staff members that will be working with your child.




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